Lose Inches Step by Step

“1…Don’t eat late-I have to admit I no hunger compares to the hunger I feel about 30min before I go to bed. When I was in college we used to call it taco time. For most people this is the biggest hinderence to moving toward their weight goals or to lose inches.
I am sure you have heard the metaphor of the body being a machine, food being fuel, fat being stored fuel, etc.. Well this late night hunger is actually an indication that your body has used all of its fast fuel. The mistake that most people make is that they feed the body more fuel, fuel that if not used before you hit the sheets, will be turned into stored fuel or fat while you sleep. If you ignore the hunger the body will start to break down fat cells and use them for fuel, subtracting fat instead of multipling it, causing you not to lose inches.
MORAL: Set a goal not to eat within 2 hours of going to sleep.


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2…More meals less food- The human body is an accomidating creation, it will expand(sometimes to our shagrin), contract, get stronger, get more flexible, to fit our daily use. The inner organs follow the same pattern. Your stomach will expand or contract to fit its contents. Its overall capacity is directly related to how much gets put into it. Overeating over time will cause your stomach to expand, requiring more and more food to indicate it is full. Unfortunately, in most cases the rest of the body doesn’t need the extra food, so it will store it as fat (Extra fat=bad). This is why many people have had surgery to make their stomach smaller. With less food as fast fuel the body will begin to burn more fat.
Most people don’t want or need sugery, which is why any nutritionist will tell you eat less, and eat often. As a rule you should eat 6 to 8 meals a day, with no meal portion larger than your fist. This will give you body the energy and fast fuel it needs to function properly and prevent the continued enlargment of the stomach over time. Perhaps most importantly it will increase your metabolism and help you lose inches.
MORAL: Eat 6 meals a day, none larger that your fist.

3…Drink water- It is really simple…Drinking water, 8 glasses a day, speeds your metabolism, prevents soreness, increases energy, supresses hunger, aids digestion, and is incredibly easy. Just get a sports bottle and drink a little at a time. Refill it once every about 3-4 hours and you are there. Hint: drinking water is a great way to control your hunger during that 2 hours before bed.
MORAL: Drink water (yes it is that simple)

4…Eat breakfast- Think of breakfast as a jump start. Breakfeast is really the only indication to you inner organs that you are awake. When you eat breakfast you are telling you body to begin function. I am not saying to lay out the buffet (remember-no larger that your fist), I am saying it is important that you begin you day with a light breakfast.
MORAL: Eat a light breakfast to wake your body, before begining your day.

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5…Cut the Fried Food- I don’t have exact numbers, but I would venture to say there are less than 2% of heart attack survivors who would say the all the fried foods they had were worth it. Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in America and sadly most people who suffer from its effects could have avoided it by changing their eating habits. We all know that over time the consumption of fats and oils from fried foods can cause the arteries within the heart to clog. What we don’t realize is how simple it is to cut down or out fried foods.
MORAL: Try the food that hasn’t been soaked in grease.

6…Put down the “soda”- because of the complex nature of describing the effects of soda on the cellular level, and my promise to speak english, I am just going to share with you a two testimonials…
I have a friend named “Bob”. Bob is not a small man by any means (6’5″, 200+lbs). Bob stopped drinking soda for a month, he did not exercise, Bob lost 10lbs(from doing nothing), his wife noticed, Bob doesn’t drink soda anymore.
I have a friend named “Susie”. Susie is not a large woman (5’4″ maybe, 130ish now). Susie stopped drinking beer, Susie lost inches, Susie discovered her long lost six-pack, Susie’s boyfriend noticed, he stopped drinking beer, Susie;s boyfriend lost 15lbs., no exercise.
MORAL: Put the cans down!

7…Get out of the house- Think about this for just a moment with me. How many place do you have in your home that you can sit, lay, or lounge? Now compare that with the number of places you have in your home to exercise. Do you see where I am going? Find a reason to get out of the house. Find something you enjoy doing that might require some physical activity. It doesn’t have to be a competitive sport. You might go shopping, sightseeing in a nearby city, walking in the park, a relaxing bike ride. Take the initiative and look for fun ways to be active.
MORAL: Edevor to find something enjoyable to do at least twice a week that will require physical activity.”


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