How to Control Food Cravings

Staying on a healthy diet is based on your ability to stay in charge of what goes into your mouth and lose inches.  As most people know, this is easier said than done.  Just about every person needing to lose weight knows what they are supposed to be eating so they can lose inces.

Core to the issue is how your head feels.  If it runs out of energy, feels heavy or agitated, then you are likely to eat which will keep you from losing inches.  If you are eating and you don’t get a full signal, you will keep eating even if you know you have already had too much then you will not lose inches.  And most of the time you will eat whatever portion of food is in front of you – even if you get a full signal and are only ½ done.

How to Lose Inches

Do you suffer from any of this?

There are various reasons why this takes place, and can be summed up under the heading of “powerful survival urges gone wrong.”  To get in charge of this situation you need to be more in control of the messages that are registering on your subconscious brain.  When you do it right you don’t have to worry about eating too much because you simply don’t want to.

Here are My Top Tips to Keep Your Appetite in Check

Daily Protein Plus is an ideal high protein breakfast that activates your metabolism and helps you eat less later in the day.  It is a fast and easy breakfast that elevates CCK, a natural metabolic full signal made in your digestive tract.  It also contains oat fiber, another good food that helps smooth out your blood sugar and reduce fluctuations following a meal.  Mix a scoop to 1 ½ scoops in the beverage of your choice.  Blend in a piece of fruit (like a banana) or mix with a spoon and eat the fruit after. All of this will help you to lose inches.

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