Dietary Supplements to help lose inches!


Dietary supplements are one of the best ways to naturally support your metabolism to run more efficiently and to help you lose inches. When combined with a healthy diet and proper eating pattern (the Leptin Diet®) and exercise, you create an opportunity to burn calories in a more optimal way.  The problem for many consumers is knowing which dietary supplements are likely to be of help, especially considering the fact that numerous weight loss scams saturate the WEB, radio ads, and TV ads and infomercials. None of which will help you lose inches.


How to lose inches

Do you want to lose inches like this!?!


Any product that claims you can lose a certain number of pounds by taking it is a blatant fraud.  Such claims really get out of hand when it is implied you don’t need to improve your diet or exercise to gain the benefits of such wonder pills.  Current examples of the wild imaginations of slippery marketers center around products based on acai berry, hoodia, and Irvingia.

On the other side of the coin is the federal government, with the rather blatant goal of propping up Big Pharma drugs and weight loss surgeries, while actively suppressing knowledge on the subject of metabolism.  They do this even though an obesity epidemic has occurred on the watch of their Food Pyramid goons.

These people think that eating less and exercising more is the only official way to lose weight.  Our government pays for “expert” puppets to make false proclamations about metabolism, based on the rate that calories burn in an oven.  Apparently they forgot to notice there is considerable calorie burning variance based on the health, fitness, timing of eating, and quality of food – let alone the role of dietary supplements as cofactors for numerous metabolic processes involved in calorie burning.

Unless you are a couch potato on a junk food diet, once you start exercising more you will need to eat more or you won’t have any energy.  You can only get so far exercising more and eating less – as the strategy itself tends to induce low leptin “starvation metabolism” over time, in turn setting up the yo-yo diet response long before you ever get to your goal weight.

Individuals should understand that the role of is not a quick fix, rather it is a tool.  While leptin is the key hormone to get on track and keep on track, millions of chemistry reactions must work in harmony for weight loss to occur.

A common sense approach to this issue is the best way to go.  Of course, you will need to watch what you eat and consistently exercise.  Following the Five Rules of the Leptin Diet is a really good idea, as it creates the potential for your body to burn calories more efficiently.

Any nutrient that help you make energy better will help you burn calories, thus the most basic nutrient for anyone is a high quality multiple vitamin such as Daily Energy Multi.  The key calorie to increase is protein that is high in branch chain amino acids.  The next most important food type to boost is fiber, especially soluble fiber as in LeptiFiber or Fiber Helper.

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